Surgery/Surgical Video




Surgery Video Series - Introduction
Dr. Steve Allen, Medical Director of Memorial Hermann Hospital discusses the reasons to present surgical webcasts. Brain tumor surgery, eye surgery, knee replacement surgery, Plastic surgery, Heart surgery..
Beating Heart Surgery
Beating heart or "off pump" coronary artery surgery is the latest revolution in the management coronary disease. It is being embraced world-wide by increasing numbers of surgeons.
Brain Surgery
I Havn't Seen a Real Brain till this video... pretty cool
Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair, Knee Surgery
Your doctor has recommended that you have arthroscopic surgery in order to repair a torn meniscus in your knee. But what does that actually mean?
Celebs Plastic Surgery
How they used to look before the interventions. Rhinoplasties, face lifts, silicone valleys and the whole other stuff.
Georgetown's 500th Liver Transplant
Channel 4 (DC) segment on Georgetown University Hospital's 500th liver transplant (Chris Capistran).