Medical Examination Video




General Medical Examination Practice
Practice by 2nd Year Medical Students from National University of Malaysia on hands, face, lower limbs along with pulse rate and respiratory rate with a presentation at the end.
Abdominal Examination
Respiratory Examination
Introduction Examination of Head Eyes and Ears
Eye Examination
Ear Examination
Nose Examination
Chest Examination

Connecticut Tutorials Physical Examination Video

Physical Exam Modules

Below are links to instructional modules and videos demonstrating physical exam techniques. The videos require Quicktime version 7 or higher. The video files are large and are not suitable for a modem connection.

Breast Self-Examination Video

This Breast-Self Examination video, brought to you by and Lange Productions, provides women with everything they need to know in order to correctly perform monthly breast self-exams. Self-exams are an essential component of good breast health. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the greater the chances for successful treatment and survival. Women should report any persistent breast change to their doctor for follow up. This video runs 7 Minutes and 15 Seconds.